Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Button possibilities and instructions

This one or that one? Any strong opinions?

Thank you Cypress Sun (couldn't find her name anywhere) for sending me the winning URL. Here's her etsy site where she makes lovely jewelry.
Here's the site that gave super clear directions on how to do this if you're wanting to make your own (these are 125px wide which is pretty standard). 
To post my blog button (or someone else's) you simply grab the code underneath and copy it, go into the design section of your blogger site, add a gadget choose html and paste it in and save. Voilá!
Meditation on learning how to do this - In the old days, you just kept working in an area (e.g. painting) and you got incredibly good at it over time but with tech the game keeps constantly changing and evolving, needing to learn new skills, and abandon old ones. Evidently, constantly challenging the brain helps with avoiding Alzheimers and other memory illnesses. In that case, most of us using tech should be fine.

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