Friday, January 27, 2012

Creative problem solving CONTEST

Here's a brain challenge for all you creatives out there. Below you'll find an image that I created for our Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Illustration CritiqueFest. It was lots of fun to do and I have  a really good sense of how the story is going to go but no idea right now what the "it" is. I came up with trying to see the moon during the day as it has to be something in the sky or up high (I think).

So anyway, the winning prize for "it" is your choice of a 1 hr Skype picture book consultation with me or a high quality print of this piece, or free participation in my Hero's Art Journey e-course starting March 5th. This course, which features interviews with and inspiration from award-winning children's book people Yuyi Morales, Magaly Morales, Jim Averbeck, Elisa Kleven, Ashley Wolff, Hugh D"Andrade, Maya Gonzalez, Francisco Alarcón, Lissa Rovetch, and a ton of other amazing picture book people and fine artists and even a couple of agents is a life changing fun and empowering creative adventure for very beginning to experienced artists, kids book people, teachers, therapists and adventurers and has received wonderful responses from everyone who has taken it. You'll get to "draw" out and make peace or slay your inner critical monsters, create your own Victorian silhouette tree of life, access your inner goddess, and much more. Do visit the website to find out for yourself.

To win, all you need to do is come up with that special what "it" might be - be as wild as you like - post it in the comments, and link this blogpost to your blog or social media and sign up for my fun infrequent newsletter (if you're in Northern California use this link and if you are anywhere else in the world use this link (you'll also get some litle giftees for signing up).

Be as brilliant, clever, soulful, funny as you can - but no pressure : ) Results will go out via newsletter or here (or maybe both). Good luck and turn off that critical inner voice monster : )


Marcie Colleen said...

They were trying to find "cooperation". They looked everywhere together not knowing what they were looking for.

Mira Reisberg said...

Love it. Looking forward to seeing what else comes in : )

Elizabeth Stevens Omlor said...

That what they were looking for was already in each of them...the ability to reach their dream.

Unknown said...
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Dixie Lee Chan said...

they wanted to see where the water went as it rushed along the river bank, where the wind went as it hurried through the trees, where the clouds went as they traveled across the sky...

Kirsten said...

Mouse stood on Bird who stood on Elephant who stood on Alligator who stood on Turtle who stood on Snake. And still they could not see! "A little higher!" said Mouse. "I must find the magic rope and climb to the Moon so we can feast on all that Cheese!"

PiaD said...

They were looking for the blower of the wind. The wind that had blown away their houses. Their houses that had kept them apart until the wind had blown the houses away. Their houses without which they had met and had become friends. Friends that they wanted to thank the blower of the wind for. That was why they were looking for the blower.

Susan said...

The mouse is seeking far and wide for what Oneness looks and feels like. S/he thinks, "Maybe I might see it from the moon, if I could only reach and grab hold of a moonbeam..." S/he finally notices the towering shadow cast by the sun, all of the helpers melded together into one shape. Individuals, yet One.

Susan said...

Wait, not a moonbeam. A ray of sunshine to get to a cloud, but the sun is too hot and bright, so the mouse turns away, and that's when s/he sees the shadow.

Rebecca k said...

Trying to find where the sun goes each night. It keeps sneaking away even as they climb up to see where it spends it's evenings!

AnaLisa Rutstein said...

"The Rainbow Maker/keeper" - Who makes the rainbow swhere they come from and where they goes. It appears and disappears. Where do rainbows go, where .

Sheri M Cook said...

Mouse stood on bird
who stood on elephant
who stood on alligator
who stood on turtle
who stood on snake
and still they
could not see...
That the six of them together
could accomplish any deed.
So never go it alone
when you can turm a me into a we!

denise k. said...

(based on the moon illusion) the moon has gotten stuck in a tree, or so the animals think, and they are working together to help it find it's way...

Donna Koppelman said...

That troublemaking rooster who had taken their lovely painting.

"We shouldn't have drawn such a comely hen," said the elephant who doubted himself yet again.

"She was quite a sight."

"And the rooster took flight."

"With our hen and the barn door decor."

The saddened snake sighed, "All that work! I could cry!"

But the mouse said, "Oh, snake, wait! If you'll just stand up straight....he's just leaving the gate!"

"Is he coming this way?"

"Lean left, dear bird, that our model he's courting today?"

Donna Koppelman said...

the item in I Spy that began with a Z!

Donna Koppelman said...

Which view was the best? To the east or the west? Which room should they give to their honorable guest?

jessica said...

And still they could not see...

Who was making it rain so much,
who made flower the trees.
They wanted to meet this Mother Nature
and discuss this problem with the bees!

Now I imagine a story in which the animals are not happy with the bees, and thus, they want to complain about the flowers to Mother Nature. And then throughout the story, she shows a world without flowers and then a world without bees!And at the end, they realize, every creature is valuable and necessary!

Kelly McDonald said...

the atmosphere..

Rate Your Story said...

mouse stood on bird
who stood on elephant
who stood on alligator
who stood on turtle
who stood on snake
and still they
could not see...CATERPILLAR.

All they saw were beautifully-painted wings.

All they heard was a soft flutter.

All Mouse felt was joy.

"High enough!" Mouse called down. "The amazing."

Butterfly winked. "It sure is."

Ramona said...

And still they could not see over the zoo wall.
But mouse had told them that there was a bigger world out there and they wanted to see it for themselves!

Julia Maisen said...

Mouse stood on
bird who stood on
elephant who
stood on
alligator who
stood on
on snake.

Inside Rapunzel's tower where the most enticing smell was coming from.

nadroldan said...

The end of all of the possibilities!

Cathy Mealey said...

I'm sure they were trying to figure out where that odd shifting shadow shape was coming from!

kim gk said...

This is a metaphor for all of us standing on the shoulders of those who support us, lift us up, and help us get higher so that we can see better. The animals keep looking higher and higher, thinking they will see that thing which will make a difference in their lives. A few pages along they realize that what they are looking for has been inside them, and in those who have been supporting them, all along.

Julie Rowan-Zoch said...

Monkey said it was bigger than anything he had ever seen.
Lion told me it stretches wide across the bottom of the sky.
Giraffe told me a cool breeze blows from it.
Zebra told me it comes up close, and then goes back, over and over.
Gull said it is full of creatures that slip and glide.