Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Social environmental connections in visual culture

Finishing up an article for IJEA (En)Countering Social and Environmental Messages in
The Rainforest Cafe, Children’s Picturebooks, and Other Visual Culture Sites. Long title I know but clear about what it is. Language is a bit academese I know but that's the professor's life. I explored mixed messages in visual culture focusing on the Rainforest Cafe and kids books and how they forget that indigenous people live in rainforests and are affected. The article also looks at how things that provide environmental messages often have unsustainable practices within the paradigm of uber capitalism. Am looking forward to being done. Mostly tedious work of putting in references at this point. I was delighted to include Animal Poems of the Iguazú by Fancisco Alarcón and Maya Gonzalez. My favorite kids book. You can see a film I made about Maya that Francisco is in at http://www.mirareisberg.com/maya_movie2.html

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