Monday, August 17, 2009

The lomg long journey and the joys of California

After 4 days of driving and three nights of vocally unhappy cats we made it to Sacramento. We saw some awesome sights including the Salt Lakes area which was once an ocean in the middle of Utah. Boggles the mind. Miles and miles of salt stretching on and on. I wanted to go and lick it but thought better of it.

What I love about Northern California in the summer:
The way the air caresses your skin at night, lots of trees and big skies, lots of eccentrics and artsy types, Black Mission figs and all sorts of fabulous fruits, lots to see and do. Warmth and friendliness. I am so happy to be here. Got to spend a few days in the Sierra Foothills in a town called Volcano on Fiddletown rd. It was truly stunning. The smell of fresh pines and the beauty of mountains, manzanitas, pine and oak with breathtaking sunsets. Our old 1989 Honda broke down and had to have it towed back to Sacramento (quite a ways). Fortunately, the young tow-truck driver had lots of information about local lakes (that I want to visit) and some info about Fiddletown that used to boast the best fiddlers in the old days. Still some good fiddlers there evidently. The Sierras are 49er territory, where there was lots of gold mining craziness. You feel like you are soaking in history there with the old buildings and winding roads. Fascinating. Will share photos from our trip in my next blog. Promise.

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