Monday, February 8, 2010

Fair Oaks Sacramento - like Marin turned down to 2 but with roaming chickens

A meeting of the minds. Stumbled upon lovely Fair Oaks today not too far from where I live. It reminded me of Marin, the hills, nature, loveliness, (excessive wealth), artistic looking alternative types, but on a very small scale. Downtown was especially charming for many reasons including the free range chickens that have taken roost in the plaza there. Evidently they rule the place. I spotted a few Rhode Island Reds reminding me of when I lived in the Obi Obi Valley of Queensland Australia and my boyfriend and I kept chickens. We named them after my girlfriends and when they started getting killed off, it was especially upsetting. Turns out there was a massive carpet-snake slithering in to the chicken coop after dark and partially gobbling them up. Aark.  Boyfriend went down one night with a flashlight and gun and that was the end of the snake. Although we named the girls after friends, we named the rooster after Elvis for his impressive vocalizations  and sex appeal to the hens. Jump forward a couple of decades to Northern California. Went for a walk across the bridge over the mighty American River into some gorgeous park land. Truly stunning. Every day I feel grateful to be here although I do sometimes miss some of the many other wonderful places I've been fortunate enough to spend time in.

The pictures were taken by a lovely young woman from LA who was gracious enough to take them and email them to me via her iPhone (appliance lust here). She did a good job, although it wasn't too difficult considering how camera friendly these fowls were.

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