Saturday, February 13, 2010

Powerful William Kentridge animation

William Kentridge is one of my favorite artists. His drawing skills, intellectual ideas, and aesthetic are inspiring. I saw this video at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art last year (or the year before)and watched it several times. It's "dark," powerful, and moving. Having made some short animations I am in awe of how much work went into this. Kentridge's work makes me reflect on the power and potential of art and the ways that artists use art for healing on personal and social/political levels. Makes me feel very humble. Here is the blurb from the YouTube video. "History of the Main Complaint is the sixth film in the series and is based on twenty-one drawings. It was made shortly after the establishment in South Africa of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission." You can find out lots more about him on the web if this piques your interest. Hope you enjoy.

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