Friday, June 18, 2010

Making the etsy treasury and painting bliss

One of my paintings "Happy Alligator" was featured in an etsy treasury today. Am so thrilled. Yay. Here's the link. It's kinda humbling to see how thrilled I was having someone I don't know recommend my painting. Somehow, am connecting this little external validation to Kelly Rae Roberts e-course which has been quite extra-ordinary and all the internal work I've been doing about clarifying who I want to be in the world of work, i.e someone whose happy and gives service or happiness to others.
I've also been painting up a storm the past 2 days and can't wait to finish and post some of the new paintings. I can tease you with the titles tho - "Sisterhood is powerful" is about my twin sister Leonie and I for her birthday pressie, "Here comes the sun" reflects how I feel coming out of this hibernation/gestation period of darkness, "Creation Myths or a Taxonomy of Things I Love" which is an homage to my friend Mati Rose whose work I also love and an homage to the turtles on top of turtles creation myth, and "Gestation, inspiration, contemplation, transformation" which is about all the things in the title. Sometimes naming paintings is a total struggle and sometimes the who and what they are is just totally evident. Today I am loving being an artist. Tomorrow I will be a children's picture book teacher and imagine that I will love that just as much.


mati rose said...

i'm honored at the homage & excited that you're taking kelly's class! can't wait to see more ms mira:)
happy friday!!

Elizabeth said...

Simply Wonderful!! I will share your blog with my daughter in law. I believe you can be one of her role models and mentor. She studied education and is very talented. She enjoys drawing and writing children stories. Nice

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, querida Mira! Love your work, always. Abrazo. Lucha

Anonymous said...

Congrats, querida Mira!!! Abrazos, Lucha Corpi