Friday, July 2, 2010

Totemic taxonomy update

 A couple of posts down I wrote about my totemic taxonomy painting and what each of the animals signified or represented for me in my journey to "claiming face" and authenticity. I also described how I wasn't happy with the overall piece and that the background was too distracting so here's the final piece. I'm much happier with it now and have prints available on my etsy site at the low low price of $16 plus shipping.

Before posting this I was goofing off looking at friends' blogs and I saw Mati's posting about elephants, butterflies, and transformation from yesterday around the same time as I was posting about this totem. Our styles are totally different but we are conceptually connected, or is this all just part of the collective unconscious floating around? My image is an homage to/inspired by one of Mati's totem-like stacked animal paintings, as well as the extraordinary indigenous wooden totems from Pacific Northwest indigenous artists. Here are links for both
Mati and Pacific Northwest totem poles

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