Friday, April 20, 2012

Hero's Art Journey Limited-Time Half-Off SPECIAL!!!

My last Hero's Art Journey course was so wonderful that I decided to give a limited-time half-off special. From now until May 3rd only, you can join this wonderful adventure for $99 for 6 weeks of inspiration, education, and empowerment that will last a life time, starting June 4th 2012 with a week off June 17th-24th. All course materials will remain available for another 3 weeks so folks can take it at their leisure.

This course is geared toward very beginning to professional artists, therapists and teachers, aspiring or experienced children's picture book creators, and adventurers on a spiritual path.  

Rather than tooting my own horn - here are some testimonials:

Hero’s Art Journey provided me with a bounty of information on art history, materials, techniques, and interpretation.  The projects elicited tremendous self-reflection in a nurturing environment.  The gallery of gently critiqued shared artwork, was one of the most valuable parts of the course—I couldn’t wait to see what everyone created each week. Mira fosters a nurturing and supportive environment in which everyone is comfortable being creative, vulnerable, and honest. This course is relevant to both skilled artists and beginners as you are free to work at your own pace and to focus on your own growth as an artist. 
~ Jennifer N. (elementary teacher and beginning artist)

Thanks to you, I've learned oodles about technique and come to the end of the course feeling richer in very deep and personal ways Thank you for all your hard work, but especially thank you for your honesty and for sharing your open-hearted generosity with us.  Nancy L.

If you need someone to push you outside your box I highly recommend taking Mira's course. Even if you're not sure you have the time, its still worth every minute you can squeeze in. Attending Mira's course is like having a personal trainer. And, the input from all the other students builds on the entire experience. Through her concept of 'hero' I was able to identify with the themes and truly take my 'journey' to the next level. I feel 'unstuck' after several years of spinning. Just do it! Really! ~ Kary L. (professional illustrator)

Your course is Fantastic! The depth and breath of it, in every direction, is really astonishing. Even though some of the course content is not new to me, I love the way you have organized it. I can see they way you are thinking and processing information and I feel so much admiration for you. I also love to see how many people dare to do art thanks to you!
 Thank you for including me is this journey. ~ Elizabeth G. (Fine artist, contributor, and children's book illustrator)

Wow, so many great demos. I think I'll do stamps, no, maybe water color, but maybe gouache would be better. Or texture and stamps. So many options. Since we have a breather week coming up, I'll continue mulling for a while. Loved all the demos. Thanks! ~ Sherry York (artist and picture book expert)

Because we are on-line [we] can go at our own pace, taking and leaving the parts we need or don’t, I like that there is lots to look at and think about.... You give so much more... than what you are charging for it.... 
I’m getting more courage, a little braver with each piece that I work on. I also really, really enjoy seeing everyone else’s work.  There are some amazing artists in our class! ~ Karen Jonsson 

 As a beginner, I love all of the content, the demonstrations and ideas. I am tucking it all away in parts of my new artist’s brain. I am a person who paces myself, so I see this being in my life for a long time.... I love the interaction on Flickr with many of the artists who have been at it for a while. I love how they use the big official words and I look them all up. It is like learning a new language. It is fun to listen to the critiques, as I learn that way.  What I do is from such an intuitive, non technique, non-classical, unsophisticated place, that when I hear what people are commenting, I learn it backwards! Its how I roll. I hope I will always maintain a beginner's mind.

I love your gentle, open spirit in this class and your willingness to be vulnerable and pass on your years of wisdom.  ~ Wendy Sullivan, Wind Gypsy (CowgirlzSpa)

Mira has been a great inspiration and has allowed openness and vulnerability in her class. Her honest approach and caring for her students is encouraging.  She brings knowledge and experience that is invaluable. This has been a wonderful course that has taught me valuable skills that I will continue in the future. - Carrie Thebo, therapist

The course has been a wonderful mix of 'everything'. Life happens and art happens, and this class is a wonderful catalyst for making art happen while life goes on it's busy-body little way. ~ Kirsten Carlson (artist)

I love teaching and empowering others. I create a safe and inspiring community to help people access or deepen their creativity, finding more joy to learn different ways of doing and seeing things. Do join us.

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Everyone creates work that is uniquely theirs in the course. Here is a piece that I recently made from one of the pieces created for the last Hero's Art Journey. Yep, it's peeling the layers of the old onion getting deeper and deeper.Still not finished but I'm happy with my work in progress.

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