Monday, April 9, 2012

Mondays with Mira: The Quiet Book Review

It's another Monday for  First Seduction then Deconstruction -pleasurable picture book reviews.And what a treat it was reviewing former student Deborah Underwood's NYT bestselling picture book - "The Quiet Book," which is really quite ingenious. It's another one of those seemingly simple books that actually has tons of teachable moments both for children and aspiring picture book creators.

After you've watched it, you might want to scroll down to watch some other picture book reviews or you might want to visit Deborah Underwood's website at

I hope you enjoy this book and review and tell your friends about it : )

xxoxx yours in picture book love ~ Mira

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Elizabeth Stevens Omlor said...

I love this book. It is so smart and ample, but yet complex. I check it out from the librrary at least once a month. How wonderful that you worked with the author. :) Cant wait for next week's post!